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  • Introduction

    Find restaurants around you and order your favorite meal online with SnappFood. Using this app, you can access the fully updated menu of restaurants and also reviews from verified users about foods. Moreover, you can view the photos taken by other users. Enjoy your online food orders!

    * SnappFood is part of Iran Internet Group (IIG), which started working in Iran to develop internet services with MTN Irancell’s financial support.

    * SnappFood app is currently active in Tehran, Karaj, Mashhad, Shiraz, Isfahan, Ahwaz and Tabriz.

  • Features

    • Online payment
    • Prices are the same as those on the menus
    • On-time delivery guaranteed
    • Various filters for easy and advanced search
    • Pre-order for tomorrow!
    • Call and online support
    • Food delivery costs up to 2000 Tomans