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View price beforehand


Cash or online payment


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  • Introduction

    Snapp is the first and most reliable ride-hailing mobile application in Iran. It lets you submit your ride request online and wait for Snapp team to send a driver your way as quickly as possible. Snapp is part of Iran Internet Group (IIG), which started working in Iran to develop internet services with MTN Irancell’s financial support.

  • Features

    • View your ride price beforehand
    • Pay by cash or your bank card
    • Various options for your trip, including a second destination, return trip and stops during the ride
    • Monitor your trip route live
    • Share your trip info and route with friends and family
    • Rate the drivers after your trip
    • Get the receipt at the end of trip
    • Get various discounts and offers
    • 24/7 call center support

    * Snapp app is currently active 24/7 in Tehran and Karaj.

  • Snapp Super App!

    In addition to providing comprehensive services for online ride-hailing, Snapp group has gradually added a variety of other activities to its services which are all accessible from Snapp super app. Here’s a brief glimpse of them:

    Snapp Food Enabling you to search the restaurants around and order online!
    Snapp Trip Easy access to the necessary information on domestic accommodation and making sure of a cheap trip!
    Bus Buy bus tickets online with great discounts!
    Taxi Line The latest Snapp service which saves your costs and reserves taxi lines for you and other passengers with the same destination.
    Snapp Box Online request for motor bikes to carry your goods with an option to track the bike on your app’s map live!
    Van Shipping your heavy cargos up to 500KG, with just an online request!
    Snapp Market No need to go to your local supermarket, because Snapp Market is at your daily service!
    Airtime Refill An easy way to buy airtime for prepaid SIM cards of all operators!
    Flight The aerial equivalent of Snapp taxi service, with the most economic and suitable options for your domestic and international flights!
    Snapp Room Your stay in trips becomes much easier and cheaper! All kinds of economic lodgings are at a click away!
    Snappq Entertainment corner of Snapp, giving you the opportunity to play online games and compete with your friends!