MTN Irancell Mobile Newspaper Service (MNS)


This service brings daily papers to your phone and informs you about the latest news and analyses from newspapers and news sites. The news you receive will include text, images and all the logos from your favorite website or newspaper.

  • MNS charge is 35 Tomans for news services and 100 to 150 Tomans for non-news services.
  • How to Activate Your Subscription

    To subscribe, please send the product code to 8494.

    Example: for subscribing to a product with the code “1234”, send “1234” to 8494.

  • How to Unsubscribe from MNS

    To cancel your subscription, send “L” plus the product code (with a space in between) to 8494.

    Example: to unsubscribe from a product with the code 1234, send “L 1234” to 8494.

  • Useful Notes
    • Sending texts to 8494 is free of charge.
    • You should have already activated your (MMS) to use this service. Dial *555*4*1# to get the related configurations.
    • There is no expiry date for the subscriptions and this service will remain active until you unsubscribe from it.
    • To receive help, simply send “R” to 8494 (free of charge).
    • To receive the latest list of MNS products, send “F” to 8949.
    • To view the list of your active MNS products, send “E” to 8494.