Control your children’s phone use and their online security remotely from your own handset!

The most important achievements and indicators


Receive activity logs


Set time limits


With two distinct apps


Create websites whitelist


Create contacts whitelist


Monitor installed apps

  • Introducing MyKid

    MyKid Set includes the useful MyKid Management app and MyKid Launcher which are installed on parents’ and kids’ handsets respectively. After MyKid launcher is installed, your kid’s mobile phone display will be changed into something more attractive and kid-friendly. And with MyKid Management installation, you will be able to monitor your kids’ usage details.

  • Main features

    • Create a whitelist for your child’s contacts, so that they can only make/receive calls and send/receive SMSs to/from the persons included in this list
    • Create a whitelist of all the websites that your kid can visit
    • Monitor all the installed applications on your kids’ handheld device with the ability to activate and deactivate any of them
    • Set time limits for your kids’ use of call, SMS and internet
    • Set time limits for your kids’ use of applications
    • Receive various reports about calls, texts, visited websites, applications used by your kid and their SIM changes.
  • How to use MyKid application

    Download this to learn how to install and use this app.