Website Empowerment Toolbar

Since the website is one of our main communication channels with our subscribers, we have implemented a toolbar for the highly-visited pages so that people with special disabilities also be able to communicate with us using this channel.


This toolbar enables you to change the page in a way that it can be easier for you to connect with; you can change the pages’ text size, color or font, making it easier to be read or have the text read for you in form of a voice file.

How to buy and use

To make your desired changes in the page, follow these steps:

1. Click on your keyboard’s shift key three times to activate the empowerment toolbar.

2. Click on the icon displayed on the top left side of the page.

3. A list of possible changes on the page will be displayed. The changes include:

  • Increasing/ decreasing the font size
  • Zooming in/ out
  • Increasing the space between the words/ lines
  • Increasing the page contrast
  • Playing the page content in form of a voice file