Massive & Endless!


10,000GB data cannot be used up so easily, even if you share it with others!

The prize of Irancell’s festival for this summer is 50 data packages each containing 10,000GB for 50 winners. Gaining scores and entering the lucky draw is, as always, easy as pie!

From June 22 to September 22, join the other participants and increase your scores using any one of the following ways. Each transaction of at least 10,000 Tomans equals 1 point and the more points you get, the better the chances of turning out to be a winner.

How to get into lucky draw:

Any transaction (data, voice, recharge, SIM card purchase, bill payments, etc.) in:

Each data package has a 1-year validity after being activated.

Let’s add to the news that each winner will get 3 SIM cards containing 10,000GB on aggregate, so that they can share the joy of their prize with 2 other friends or companions!

Also please have in mind that shopping from MyIrancell marketplace digital products and services doesn’t qualify for getting scores in this festival.