Discounted Voice and Data Tariff Special for Hajj Pilgrims

Discounted Voice and Data Tariff Special for Hajj Pilgrims

Discounted Voice and Data Tariff Special for Hajj Pilgrims

On the occasion of Hajj Pilgrimage and in an attempt to provide the pilgrims with greater peace of mind during the ceremony, the access to Irancell services on KSA is granted. Using extraordinary discounts on voice and data tariffs, you can keep in touch with the family and friends. To enjoy Irancell services on KSA, you need to activate roaming service before departure as follows:

Roaming Service Activation

To activate the service, dial *1111*1# from your SIM cards and/or visit MyIrancell super app.

To activate the service via MyIrancell, choose “Other”, then enter to “My Account” section and activate the roaming under “Roaming Services” section.

In order to get connected to KSA mobile operators, follow the steps below:

  1. Select “Settings” on your handset.
    2) Then tap on “More”.
    3) In the opened sub-menu, select “Mobile Networks”.
    4) In dual SIM handset, tap on “Select SIM Card”.
    5) Choose the SIM card you wish to use.
    6) Then select “Network Operators”.
    7) In the “Service Provider” sub-menu, tap on “Search Networks”.
    8) Now choose the operator you wish (for instance if in KSA, you can choose STC operator).
    9) After choosing your desired operator, go back to “Mobile Network Settings” menu.
    10) Check “Data Enabled” option in opened sub-menu.
    11) And finally activate “Data Roaming”.

Tariffs for Using Roaming Service in KSA

To facilitate the subscribers access to SIM card services including 4G internet, special discounted tariffs are offered for roaming with STC, Zain and Mobily operators.

Service Tariff
On-Net Call 60,000 rials per min
Call to Iran 60,000 rials per min
Received Call60,000 rials per min
Sending SMS15,000 rials
Data6,000 rials per MB

You can also enjoy highly discounted Data Package Special for Pilgrims as detailed below:

Volume (GB)Price (Rial)ValidityActivation
1.51,800,00060 days*1111*4# or MyIrancell


Dial *7# free of charge to top up your SIM card.

Switching on the handset will not incur a charge.

Please note that when the roaming is activated, the data used by your handset’s applications is charged based on roaming tariffs. So, make sure that the applications are disabled.