Customer Centricity Policy ‌‌

Irancell as the biggest data operator in Iran is a leading organization which offers its services to customers observing all local and international standards. ‌ In this regard, Irancell has established and made use of customer-centric standards based on ISO 2014:10002 and ISO 2012:10004, trying to achieve its sublime objectives by pursuing the following policies:

  • Developing its call centers across the country, with an emphasis on the local culture, language and accents; ‌
  • Securing customer satisfaction through accurate and quick handling of customer requests; ‌
  • Developing communications skills of call center agents to enhance the speed and quality of responding;
  • Assessing subscribers’ satisfaction by different means and planning to eliminate any probable shortcoming; ‌
  • Handling customers’ complaints promptly, properly and with good quality
  • Making use of the new technologies to improve customer relationship processes‌‌
  • Communicating with customers effectively and proactively‌‌
  • Facilitating the accessibility and availability of the company for customers by using various methods 24/7‌‌‌;
  • Monitoring the key performance indicators at call centers and improving them constantly‌‌; and
  • Developing and managing the company knowledge in the field of customer relations through analyzing the relevant data and information‌.

The managers and staff in the Customer Relations Department of MTN Irancell consider customer satisfaction as a lofty goal and thus are committed to realizing the above policies by effective cooperation and strong support of each other to achieve customer satisfaction. ‌‌