Carnival of RBTs from Azar to Yalda!

Carnival of RBTs from Azar to Yalda!

The last month of autumn comes to Yalda Night, the longest night of the year. This special night is a prelude to the winter to come and a memorable token of the autumn which is past us. However, the pandemic is not over yet and we cannot have the same carefree reunions as before, but remote virtual meetings are there to help us stay in touch and keep the light of our relations shining…

To celebrate the coming of Azar and the memorable Yalda Night, Irancell’s Smart RBT Application is holding a one-month festival from Azar 1st to Yalda Night, which is going to echo the carnival of your personal sounds and pleasant tones! In this festival, each week we will have 5 lucky winners receiving 10,000,000 Tomans. That makes a total of 20 prizes each worth of 10 million Tomans. A souvenir from this Yalda Night, and a reason to convey your warm, friendly voices to each other.

In this festival, your uploaded personal RBTs on Irancell’s Smart RBT app could be your winning cards. From Azar 1st to 30th, each week by activating your personal RBTs you can both make the call waiting time pleasant for your callers with your own voice or favorite track, and also enter the “Azar to Yalda” lucky draw.

Just keep in mind that for each week, as you can see in the table below, there’s a theme. If you want to get the chance of winning the prizes, your personal RBTs and the title you choose for them should match the suggested theme & hashtag of the week. Moreover, the more personal RBTs you purchases and activate, the closer you’ll get to win the prize.

Azar to Yalda WeeksTheme / Hashtag of the Week
Week 1 – 22 to 28 NovemberTraditional / #پیشواز_سنتی
Week 2 – 29 November to 5 DecemberRomantic / #پیشواز_عاشقانه
Week 3 – 6 to 12 DecemberHappy / #پیشواز_شاد
Week 4 – 13 to 21 DecemberYalda / #پیشواز_یلدا

If you haven’t installed Smart RBT App yet, do so as soon as possible – you know that time flies in the blink of an eye and you’ll be left behind!

Install from Charkhooneh

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Dial *7575#

Remember Smart RBT’s official website? Here it is:

Yalda is coming. Let’s welcome it together!