Prize-Winning RBTs!

Prize-Winning RBTs!

If you want to be one of the winners of Irancell’s Smart Pishvaz (RBT) app prizes, don’t miss the chance till the end of this summer!

Irancell’s Smart Pishvaz (RBT) app is one of those handy digital products by which you can select your favorite song for the waiting time of your calls and turn that time into a pleasant one for your callers! The features below are among the various options available in this app:

  • Access to all Irancell RBT songs in one place
  • Select and cut away a favorite part from an audio/song track
  • Upload your own voice as an RBT song in the personal section
  • Available in both iOS and Android versions

Yet the best chance to use this app and buy Irancell RBTs is from August 23rd until September 22nd, or in other words, during the last month of this summer. Because with each purchase you make in the app during the period, you’ll gain 1 score and can enter the lucky draw of 3 Smartphones and 30 Headphone. Just remember that the more scores you gain, the better your shot at winning a prize!

To download and install Smart Pishvaz app, please dial *7575# or visit the official website of this app at: