Wake up the Superhero!


Wake up the Superhero!

Here in MTN Irancell, we always strive to catch up with the cutting-edge technologies in the world, providing our customers with the latest communication and digital products and services; the extent, diversity and novelty of these services are of great significance to us and gaining customers’ satisfaction is our final goal. Experiencing the actual quality of MTN Irancell, however, requires new, up-to-date devices. Our various communication and digital offers would not bring our subscribers the desired result, if you don’t use smart phones and handheld devices that are compatible with these new technologies and can provide the necessary ground for an improved, fast, high-tech connection.

That’s why this winter MTN Irancell has decided to invite all its subscribers (old ones as well as new ones) to put an MTN Irancell SIM card in a smart phone which has never been active in MTN Irancell network. This allows you to transform your experience of our products and services and, at the same time, get a chance to be one of the lucky winners of our winter draw. Use a smart phone to awaken the latent superhero inside your MTN Irancell SIM cards and enter our amazing lucky draw! Isn’t that cool?

How can you actually take part in this event?

Simply be putting an MTN Irancell SIM card (old or new, post-paid or pre-paid – that doesn’t matter!) inside a smart phone which has never been active in MTN Irancell network.

Amazing Prizes:

100 TD-LTE TFI60 modems + 480GB 1-year data for 100 winners!