How to save a wet mobile phone at home

Considering the current smartphones prices, dropping them in water could be an utter tragedy; we show you a way to rescue your phone.

How to save a wet mobile phone at home

In case of sudden dropping of your mobile in water or its getting wet, there is simple and effective way to survive your mobile.

Step One:

Immediately turn off the mobile by pulling out the battery. The phones equipped with non-removable battery need to be turned off. Branch off all possible parts which can be separated easily from the phone like the battery, the battery panel, micro SD card and the SIM card.

Step Two:

Dry the soaked elements with a tissue paper and swab them in a fresh dry tissue. Do not assemble them together and try to turn on your phone. By this, you will extremely prevent damaging the mobile.

Step Three:

Place the soaked phone and its elements in the cup of dry rice seeds. This cup should be placed under sunlight or at a dry place with no humidity for at least a day or more. The longer you keep the cup in a dry and warm place; if you keep the cup in a dry and warm place for a long time, you have good chance to have your mobile working again. When it seems that the phone's area and other elements are dry enough, try to start them and if you have problem with your mobile, immediately visit the nearest authorized service center.

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