Important Notice Regarding Suspending Inactive SIM Cards

Please note that all Irancell prepaid SIM Cards that were activated but not used for at least 90 consecutive days ending on 11 August 2015 will be withdrawn from Irancell network, in case of having no activity on/ before 11 November 2015. This withdrawal will include the inability to use the mobile number and consequently, the mobile number will become the property of Irancell Telecommunications Services Company.

Note that "activity" means sending/ receiving non-commercial SMS's/ MMS's, making calls, recharging or using mobile internet.

Subscribers may transfer or use any remaining airtime on the account on/ before 11 November 2015. If you own a SIM Card which has not been used for some time, you can use an active Irancell SIM card to dial *303# and enter the SIM card number you’re not using to check its status.