Call for Site Location in Cooperation with Irancell


In line with completing and improving its mobile network coverage, Irancell is pleased to announce that all landlords who are willing to cooperate with this company are encouraged to allocate a part of their properties under lease contracts for installation of BTS sites.‌

Those landlords who are inclined to cooperate may fill in a request form, provided that they meet the general conditions stated hereunder. Evidently, applicants will be informed of the results once they have met the requirements and when all field, technical and financial investigations are carried out.

General Conditions:
  • In Tehran and main cities such as Mashhad, Isfahan, Shiraz, Tabriz, Karaj and Qom the buildings must be strong and 5-story and higher for installation of roof sites, and as for suitable lands, the approval of competent authorities must first be obtained.
  • In other cities and villages the land offered must be suitable.
  • Prices are set based on tariffs determined by Irancell experts.

Lessor/s information
First Name
Last Name
* Landline/Cell Phone No
Property Specifications
Full Postal Address
* Geographical Coordinates (Latitude and Longitude)
Number of Floors
Construction Type (Concrete, Metal)
Lifespan of the Building
Ownership Documents Type
Proposed Annual Price (Rls)