This scheme has been proposed to prevent handset trafficking in Iran, based on which you are required to register the serial numbers associated with the handsets imported pursuant to undergoing legal and customs formalities. In case the above mentioned scheme is implemented, the SIM cards installed into trafficked handsets will not be activated and no communications services will be provided to them.
Each handset is identified with a unique 15-digit IMEI which is simply accessible by dialing *#06#. You can use the said IMEI to register your handset within the specified system. Your handset can be activated using one of the following methods:
If you have any questions or experience any difficulties you can contact the registry scheme call center on 096366.
According to the plan, no problem will occur to the active handsets and there is no need to register them. Phase one of this scheme includes only the handsets and then in the next phases all the devices which use SIM Cards will be covered gradually.
When your handset is connected to the operator and it has a signal, it indicates that the handset is successfully registered.
You can visit the designated profile on Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade website (your personal profile on HAMTA System) to check your device's status.
You can easily register your new device by sending its AC and IMEI codes to HAMTA System panels (Website, USSD gateway, SMS panel and IVR).
You may log in to the system using your National ID and replace your new mobile phone number. Then, log in to the system using new password and register your handset with the new mobile phone number.
With all the technical measures carried out in this regard, no problem would occur for the handsets carrying the ported SIM Card.
During their visit, in case they are using the SIM Card belonging to one of their own country’s operators, they can connect to the roaming network without any limit or any need to register their handset. If they are using Iranian SIM Cards, they can only use their handsets for 30 days. In order to use it longer, they need to register their handsets and define the phone number for their handsets in the system.