Voice over LTE

.VoLTE enables you to make HD calls while simultaneously connected to 4G internet network.
. Using this service you can be on a call and still have access to high speed internet; i.e. you can continue your call and at the same time check your emails, search the web, shop online or use other internet services without needing to drop your call.

VoLTE calls benefits:

Having HD voice calls
Faster call connect
Making call without disrupting your 4G internet

This service is currently launched just for Huawei and Samsung S8/S8+ handsets in nearly all the cities. Soon it will be launched and enabled on different handsets.


How to use VoLTE:

  • Your device must be VoLTE enabled.
  • You should have an Irancell 4G or NFC SIM Card.
  • Upgrade OS software of your device.
  • Activate VoLTE in your phone Settings.

When in areas under 4G coverage, the VoLTE icon on your device screen shows that you can use this service.

You need a 4G SIM card (USIM) to have access to Irancell 4G network. Dial *555*34# to make sure if your SIM card is 4G or to request to switch your current SIM to 4G.

  • When you’re using 4G internet, a normal call will switch you to 3G network.
  • VoLTE calls would be connected faster than normal calls.
  • If both sides of the call are using VoLTE-enabled handsets, they will experience an HD quality which cannot be experienced during normal calls.

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