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my kid

My Kid

Manage your Kid’s SIM

This application enables Irancelli parents to manage and monitor how their children are using their mobile phone.



“My Kid” includes the “My kid management” app and “My Kid” launcher which are installed on the parent and kid’s handsets respectively. Once the installation is done, the kid’s mobile phone display will be changed into something more attractive and kid-friendly and the parents’ phone will enable them to monitor the kid’s usage.


The application will enable you to:

  • Set a white list for the child’s contacts to make calls and send/ receive SMSs
  • Set a white list for websites the child can visit
  • Monitor the applications installed on the child’s handset with the ability to activate/ deactivate any of them
  • Set time limits for the child’s use of call, SMS or internet
  • Set time limits for the child’s use of any of the applications
  • Receive various reports regarding calls, SMSs, visited websites, applications used by the child and any changes in the kid’s SIM card


No, the application can be used only if both the parent and the child’s SIM card belong to Irancell network and are owned by the parent (both SIM cards need to be owned by the same person). However, if you have ported to Irancell network you can also use this service.
First install the application on the parent’s phone and log the numbers and other information of the child in the children’s list. Then install the launcher on the child’s phone and follow the steps mentioned in the guide.