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My Irancell

Stay in control of your Irancell account!



Stay in control of your Irancell account! With MyIrancell you can easily manage data, minutes and texts as well as keeping track of spending, bills and rewards. This app is free to download and use. To enter the application you can use your e-Care account username and password.


Purchase and Payment

  • Buy Internet packages
  • Payment services: vouchers, bank gateways and mobile banking

Account Management

  • View account details: Usage amount, credit limit balance, account balance, outstanding amount, payable amount
  • View detailed usage during the past 6 months (Postpaid SIM Cards exclusive)
  • View notifications to prepaid WiMAX users: account status, outstanding amounts and traffic limit
  • View history: top-up, online payment, tariff plan changes
  • View current tariff plan and changing it
  • View promotional offers based on account and service type
  • View packages’ balance
  • Auto-renewal of Internet packages when finished or expired
  • View Personal Unblocking Key (PUK)
  • Soft-suspending your line and removing the suspension
  • Request to swap your current SIM to 4G SIM

Help and support

  • Escalating, following up and editing requests
  • Easy access to social networks
  • Contact Us
  • FAQ

How to use

Use the following buttons to get to your desired platform.
Using MyIrancell application each day will increase your Irancell Score and then you will enjoy gift on-net SMSs and Calls.

Using MyIrancell application each day will increase your Irancell Score and then you will enjoy gift on-net SMSs and Calls.


You can download the application from here.
No, you can download and use the application free of charge.
Yes, you can install the application for Windows Phone by visiting the link below:
In addition to Windows Phone, the application is compatible with Android, iOS and Java operating systems.
Yes, you can find the application by searching for "MyIrancell".
To log into your account in MyIrancell you need to enter your Irancell mobile number and eCareaccount number (for getting your eCareaccount number, you can go to and then click on "sign in" tab).
It doesn't matter, you can log into the application even when your phone is turned off or you can even use other phones or modems. All you need to do is to enter your Irancell mobile number and eCarepassword of the same number in the relevant fields in order to able to log in.
Yes, you can increase your prepaid SIM Card credit or pay your postpaid SIM Card debts via the app provided that you have a debit card.
Yes, once you log into the app, in the home page you can see the remaining of all your purchased packages, your SIM Card airtime or your postpaid SIM Card debts.
You can use MyIrancell app. In the home page, click on "package purchase" and then in the list provided click on the package most suitable for you in terms of price, data allowance and duration (the cost of the selected package will be deducted from your SIM Card credit).
Displaying Account details: Credit balance, airtime, debts, usage amount, payable amount
Displaying usage details of the last six bill runs (for postpaid subscribers)
Displaying WiMAX prepaid subscribers notices: Account details, debts and traffic
Displaying packages remaining amount
Displaying current tariff plan and possible changes
Displaying Account History: Recharges, internet payments, tariff changes
PUK Code
Purchased packages
Payment Services: Recharge cards, bank gateways and mobile banking
Displaying promotional plans based on service and account type
Easy access to Irancell social networks
Yes, by going to the "Contact us" page you can have your requests recorded.
No, to view your itemized bill you should go to and log into your eCareaccount. .

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