Customer orientation policy

.Irancell, as the biggest data operator of Iran, is a forerunning company which delivers services to its customers in compliance with the national and international standards. To this end, while living up to the customer-centered standards of ISO10002:2014 and ISO10004:2012, Irancell makes efforts to make true its organizational goals by pursuing the following policies:
  • Development of the call centers across the country, with an emphasis on the local culture, language and accents
  • Securing customer satisfaction through precise and quick handling of the customer requests
  • Development of the communications skills of the Customer Relations agents for the purpose of enhancing the speed and quality of responding
  • Assessing the subscribers satisfaction by different means and planning to remove the shortcomings, if any
  • Proper, quality and quick handling of the customers’ complaints
  • Making use of the new technologies for the purpose of betterment of the procedure for communications with the customers
  • Effective and proactive delivery of the information to the customers
  • Facilitating the access by the customers by making use of various methods 24/7
  • Monitoring the key performance indicators in the Customer Relations and ongoing development of the same
  • Development and management of the company knowledge in customer relations arena by data analysis and examination of the related information

The managers and staff in the Customer Relations Department of MTN Irancell consider customer satisfaction a lofty goal and are committed to secure customer satisfaction by effective cooperation and strong support of each other.

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