.Using prepaid SIM card you will never receive a bill and can instead buy your required airtime whenever you need it and start using your phone.

Control your charges using a Prepaid SIM card and manage your mobile charges. Buy your desired amount of airtime in cash and enjoy your mobile services. You can make calls, send SMSs and enjoy the high speed internet. You will have access to internet in all the areas under coverage and be in touch with your friends and family.

How to buy and use

You can choose either of the following methods to buy a prepaid SIM card:

After you purchase your SIM card, dial *141*1# once and activate your SIM card forever.

Keep your SIM card active, by doing any of these in 90-day intervals:

  • Make/receive calls
  • Send/receive SMS/MMS
  • Top-up
  • Use data

In case of purchasing prepaid SIM card, you’ll be subscribe to the respective “Basic Tariff Plans”. Anytime you have the chance to choose among one of the below voice packages according to your usage pattern and get to save more.

No Min Price
Discount Percent Validity Activation Code
1 20 1,500 17% 30day *555*55*1#
2 40 2,800 22% 30day *555*55*2#
3 80 5,200 28% 30day *555*55*3#
4 160 9,600 33% 30day *555*55*4#
5 320 17,600 39% 30day *555*55*5#
6 1000 45,000 50% 30day *555*55*6#

Above packages are for on-net calls (from an Irancell line to another Irancell line), and off net calls (from an Irancell line to other lines) would be calculated considering basic tariff plan.

Calls, SMSs, MMSs and data charges for prepaid SIM cards respective to “Basic Tariff Plans” are detailed below:

Service Type Cost
On-net Calls (calls to other Irancell numbers)

1.49 Tomans/Sec
(89.9 Tomans/min)

Off-net calls (calls to landline)
1.49 Tomans/Sec
(89.9 Tomans/min)  
Off-net calls (calls to other mobile operators)
1.49 Tomans/Sec 
(89.9 Tomasn/min)
SMS to mobile lines (Persian) 10.6 Tomans
SMS to mobile lines (English) 26.4 Tomans
SMS to land line (Persian or English) 12 Tomans
International SMS  Click here
MMS 19.9 Tomans
Mobile Internet (all hour) 0.06 Tomans/Kb

As per the new resolution by Islamic Parliament, as of 21 March 2015, 1 Toman has been added to the SMS charges which will be deposited into the general income account number 160154 with State Treasury.

  • Mobile Internet data is measured in Kilobytes. There are just 1024 bytes in one Kilobyte (KB) and 1024 Kilobytes in one Megabyte (MB).
  • You can calculate how much you are spending by multiplying the number of KB you send and receive by the relevant Mobile Internet tariff. Each byte is calculated and for tariffing purposes is rounded up to the next KB.
  • Only the usage from standard Access Point Names is indicated. Premium rated APN’s are not available yet.
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