Ring Back Tone.

apple version available


Ring Back Tone

Let your callers enjoy a piece of ear-catching or relaxing music while waiting for you to pick up the phone; instead of that repeated “beep…beep” tone.



When someone is called normally that “beep beep” tone is expected until the call is answered, but to anybody’s surprise and thanks to Irancell’s RBT you can set a piece of music to welcome your callers or enjoy your favorite music when You call your contacts.


  • Setting a RBT to be played for all callers
  • Setting more than one RBT to be played at random
  • Setting one or two RBTs as default
  • Setting customized RBTs in accordance with defined times and callers
  • Playing RBT for all callers (other operators and international calls)
  • Easy setting
  • Possibility of purchasing RBT for all Irancell subscribers including prepaid and postpaid

You may want to know:

  • Ring Back Tone is not your ring tone.
  • Since RBT will not be saved in your mobile phone’s setting and it’s only a service offered to you by Irancell, model, features and name of your phone will make no difference in using the service.
  • To use RBT service you need to have your Irancell password which is same as your MyIrancell Web App password.

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