Prepaid Detailed Usage

.All prepaid Irancell subscribers can easily have access to their SIM card usage summary by referring to eCare.

To this end you only need to login to eCare and provide the following information and choose Prepaid Detailed Usage from the “Account” submenu:

  • Mobile Number
  • eCare password
  • SIM Card KIT Number

At this stage you can enter your desired period of time (maximum 15 days) as well as your email address to log your request.


  • Receiving the Prepaid Detailed Usage costs 500 Tomans which will automatically be deducted from the subscriber’s account upon his approval.
  • The results will be generated into a PDF file, available in ecare. It may take up to 2 hours to generate this file.
  • The detailed usage may also be sent to the subscriber’s email address, if he provides his email address while logging the request.
  • The requested detailed usage PDF file will only be available on your eCare account for one month. Please make sure you download the file as soon as you get it.

Another method to check your prepaid usage details is referring to Irancell Service Centers. To this end, you may refer to any of Irancell Service Centers, identify yourself by providing your original National ID card and fill in the relevant form.

You will be charged 2.000 Tomans for the first 3 pages (and 200 Tomans per page afterwards) when requesting your usage details from the Service Centers; moreover, you will need to pay 2.000 Tomans to have the data copied on a CD.

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