Irancell BAJEH (Mobile Banking) .

Irancell BAJEH (Mobile Banking)

.Pay only for the exact recharge amount…!
No need to enter the long PIN codes anymore…!

Irancell BAJEH, is a 24/7 bank with quick access using which is easy and free! Irancell subscribers may use this service to top-up their accounts exactly to the amount they pay for and without needing to enter the long PIN codes.

To use this service, all Irancell subscribers with an ATM card (connected to SHETAB system) who have already obtained their internet password may dial *100#to be able to do any of the following:
  • Enjoy the total amount of the recharge
  • Pay the utility bills
  • Request for account balance
  • Online purchases
  • SIM auto recharge
The registration process is so simple and the subscriber can use any of the SHETAB cards if s/he has obtained the internet password. Moreover, using the service requires no software to be installed on the handset and can be used on any handset regardless of their models, etc.

First-time user?

You only need to simply dial *100# to be connected to Irancell BAJEH and then choose any of the 4 available payment and banking service providers. Then you can continue the registration process according to the instructions provided on your handset. To use the service, you also need your ATM card’s internet password which can be obtained from your bank’s Automatic Teller Machine.

Why should I use Irancell BAJEH?

  • You pay for the exact amount of charge you use
  • There is no need to enter the long PIN codes
  • You don’t need to install any software or making any changes in your handset’s default configurations
  • It can be used on any handset (regardless of its model or production date)
  • The service is totally free
  • You will be able to activate Auto Recharge on your handset
  • You can synch your SIM Card with more than one ATM card
  • To use the service, there is no need at all to refer to banks or connect to internet

Companies cooperating with Irancell to provide the service:

Irancell is currently providing BAJEH services together with the following companies (the list will be expanded in near future). It is worth mentioning that providing banking and payment services by any of the abovementioned companies differs from the other and the subscribers can choose either company’s portal to enjoy the services.
Name and contact details of Irancell Service Providers:
Bank Pasargad (FANAP): 021-89517
Asan Pardakht Co. (OP): 021-83333
Mellat bank: 1556 (Tehran); 021-82488 (other provinces)
Bank Saman: 021-84080
Bank Parsian: 021-2318
Rayanmehr Co. ( 021-89710
770 payment system: 021-23516000
780 payment system: 021-64004
Bank Ansar: 021-33441440; 021-33441470
Bank Maskan

Error occurred during your transaction and you need support?

You can contact the customer support section of your service provider (whose portal you’ve used to do the transaction). For instance, if you have chosen Bank Pasargad as your services provider after connecting to BAJEH, and received an error during your transaction, you can contact Bank Pasargad’s customer support.

Any comments or complaints regarding Irancell BAJEH?

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