Basic Tariff Plan.

Tariff Plans

.When you buy a Prepaid, Postpaid or Data SIM Card, your default tariff plan will be the “basic tariff plan” for the SIM you have purchased and your charges will be calculated based on the same. However, you can easily switch to any of our various promotional tariff plans and activate them to reduce your costs according to your usage pattern.

The rates for basic tariff plan are as follows:

Service Type Cost
Postpaid SIM Prepaid SIM Data SIM
Postpaid Prepaid
On-net Calls
(calls to other Irancell numbers)
0.555 Tomans/Sec
(33.3 Tomans/min)
1.115 Tomans/Sec
(66.9 Tomans/min)
- -
Off-net calls
(calls to other lines)
0.555 Tomans/Sec
(33.3 Tomans/min)
1.548 Tomans/Sec
(92.9 Tomasn/min)
- -
Off-net calls
(calls to landline)
1.331 Tomans/Sec
(79.9 Tomans/min)
- -
SMS to mobile lines
8.9 Tomans 10.5 Tomans 11 Tomans 11 Tomans
SMS to mobile lines
16 Tomans 19.9 Tomans 11 Tomans 11 Tomans
SMS to land line
(Persian or English)
12 Tomans 12 Tomans 12 Tomans 12 Tomans
International SMS
(all countries)
200 Tomans 200 Tomans 200 Tomans 200 Tomans
MMS 19.9 Tomans 19.9 Tomans 19.9 Tomans 19.9 Tomans
Mobile Internet 0.04 Tomans/Kb 0.06 Tomans/Kb 0.04 Tomans/Kb 0.06 Tomans/Kb

  • An amount of 66.9 Tomans/Min (for prepaid) and 33.3 Tomans/Min (for postpaid) will be added to all international calls tariffs approved by the Telecommunications Infrastructure Company.
  • All calls charges will be calculated based on the per second tariff plan.

The rates for other services are as follows:

Service Type Cost
Prepaid Postpaid

Monthly subscription
- 750 Tomans
Contacting Irancell Call Center
(Dial 700 and then enter 0)
Flat rate: 66.9 Tomans
(not charged according to call duration)
Flat rate: 33.3 Tomans
(not charged according to call duration)
Balance Enquiry
(Dial 700 and then enter 2)
Conference Calling Each Conference Call is set up as an individual call and is charged separately as per called destination and time.
Calls to Voicemail number: 710 Free
Calls from your Voicemail box
Depends on destination and time
Forwarding ringtones and picture messages via SMS Equal to 3 or 4 text messages
(depending on the size)
Directory Enquiries
(150 or 09351500000)
- Free

Value Added Services’ costs are also mentioned in the following table:

Activation/ Subscription Cost Service Type
Prepaid Postpaid Data SIM
Itemized Billing
(Charged directly into the account)
2.000 Tomans
(Cost is the same for monthly subscription and ad hoc requests)
Balance Enquiry
(Dial *130*1*1# or Dial 700, then press 1)
Printing faxes
(Transferring faxes in your fax mailbox to another number)
(within Iran)
MMS Free
Mobile Internet Free
Caller Display (CLIP) Free
Call Barring Free
Call wait/hold Free
Call forwarding* Free
Conference Calling Free
4G Welcome Back Pack 5000 Tomans
(Free SIM + 4000 Tomans SIM Swap services tariff)

* The forwarded portion of the call is payable as though the call was originated from your Irancell lines excluding calls forwarded to a voicemail box.

When contacting the emergency numbers, you will be charged based on your SIM card’s basic tariff plan (33.3 Tomans/Min for Postpaid and 92.9 Tomans/Min for Prepaid). Emergency numbers are as follows:
111، 116، 118، 120، 121، 122، 124، 129، 131، 132، 133، 134، 136، 137، 141، 162، 190، 191، 192، 193، 194، 195، 197، 199.


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