Access to Static IP Service

.All Irancell mobile or fixed internet service users can now request for access to static IP to avoid probable issues regarding changes in IP address.
Currently, all Irancell internet users’ IP is dynamic, so it will change every time the user connects to internet. Users require a static IP for use cases such as CCTV cameras installation, using the computer as a game server/ web server, entering website with static IP, limiting access to sensitive accounts, etc.
How to buy
You can refer to any of our service centers to request for a static IP. The service is currently available for 35.000 Tomans (6 months validity) and 55.000 Tomans (1 year validity).
  • The static IP can only be requested by the SIM card owner.
  • Each SIM card can only have one static IP.
  • In case of SIM ownership changes, SIM card withdrawal or changes in SIM type (prepaid to postpaid), the static IP will be omitted from the SIM car and the charges cannot be refunded.
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