Important point about postpaid bills


All Irancell postpaid subscribers can pay their bills before the 9th day of the month the bill was issued in, to enjoy one day free on-net calls and free 100GB daily internet.

How to receive my bill

  • MyIrancell application (Bill View > View Bill Summary)
  • App’s web version
  • Bill View page
  • Email; using this method, the bill will be automatically emailed to you.
    • To activate this service or change your email address, you can use MyIrancell application or its web version.
  • Post (paper bill); paper bills are only issued for amounts more than 12.000 Tomans.
    • You can send 1 to 2465 to go paperless and green and help conserve the environment.

You can also view your itemized bill for free through the following path in MyIrancell application:

Bill View > Download Bill PDF > Bill Details PDF

How to pay my bill

  • MyIrancell application (Payment > Bill Payment)
  • App’s web version
  • Online Payment page
  • *7# USSD
  • Auto payment through bank account
    • You can activate this feature if you have an account in any of the following banks:
    • Bank Saman
    • Bank Mellat
    • Bank Melli
  • Referring to the bank
    • Bank Mellat: deposit the amount into account number 444440/96
    • Bank Melli: deposit the amount into account number 200219290008
    • Bank Tejarat: deposit the amount into account number 210447

  • As there are various payment methods and therefore different account settlement times, please make sure you don’t have any amounts outstanding before the mentioned date and you are eligible for one day free on-net calls and free 100GB daily internet.

How to check my payable amount

  • Dial *555*1*2#
  • Refer to MyIrancell application

  • Payments will be done with a little delay when you refer to the bank to make the payment; please keep this in mind if you’re planning to use the one day free call and internet.
    • When paying the bill by referring to the bank, it will take 24 hours (bank Mellat) or 48 hours (bank Melli and bank Tejarat) to have the amount transferred and the payment implemented in Irancell billing system.

SIM Card Credit Limit

Like every postpaid subscriber, you have a Credit Limit for your account in Irancell billing system. Credit Limit is the amount up to which you can use your SIM card services (voice, SMS, mobile internet, etc.) without having it soft suspended.

Check your Credit Limit by:

  • Dialing 700 and then 2 and 4
  • Referring to MyIrancell application or its web version
  • Dialing *555*1*5#

You can also change your Credit Limit based on your usage amount, by:

  • Calling 700 or 900 from your Irancell SIM card
  • Dialing *7*2#
  • Referring to MyIrancell application or its web version

  • Failure to make payments on or before the due date will result in your account being soft suspended. In this case you will not be able to make calls or send SMSs or use the internet. You will only be able to receive calls and SMSs until the balance of the bill is settled.
  • After 57 days of being soft-suspended and in case the bill is still not settled, the line will be automatically hard-suspended. Hard-suspended accounts will not be able to make/receive calls nor to send/receive SMSs.
  • Should the subscriber fail to pay his bill by the set deadline, a written notice will be sent to him by Irancell and in case of failure to make the payment within the 12 months grace period, the mobile number will be withdrawn.

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