Pay for me.

Pay for me

.Ask your callers' to pay for your calls made to them.

Using this service, you can say yes to your callers' requests to pay for their calls made to you. Therefore, whenever a person wishes for you to pay for his call, first the IVR system will contact you so that you can choose to accept or reject his request.

Both Postpaid and Prepaid SIM Cards can use this service; however, only the Prepaid SIM Cards can host the calls made using Pay For Me.


Simply dial the number of the person you wish to pay for your call, with this format:

*704*destination number with zero#
(e.g.: *704*093XXXXXXXX#)

At this point, an IVR message will be sent to the person and in case of his/her approval to pay the charges, the call will go through.

Simply dial *704# to categorize your callers in the black/white list of this service.

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