Irancell SIM Sell and Buy Service.

Irancell SIM Sell and Buy Service

.Irancell has launched a new service to help the subscribers easily sell their MSISDN and/or buy their desired number

Irancell subscribers who desire to sell their SIM cards or those wishing to buy Irancell mobile numbers can easily enjoy this system.

Obviously, Irancell does not intervene in the SIM cards sell and buy process and this service is simply launched to facilitate the process for the subscribers.



Irancell subscribers who desire to sell their SIM cards need to simply dial *1000# and register in the system by providing the required details such as offered price and Irancell mobile number which they wish to sell.

Please remember that the number you use for registration in the service is your contact number and those interested in purchasing your SIM card will call this number to contact you.


Those wishing to buy Irancell mobile numbers should dial the above USSD, look for the desired number among the registered numbers and contact the seller to coordinate for purchasing the number if available. If the number is not available, your request for purchasing the desired number will be recorded in the system and you'll be informed as soon as the number is available.

  • Using this service, you can look for prepaid or postpaid numbers with various prefixes.
  • Please remove the number from the service once it is sold.
  • Upon finding the desired number, the buyer and seller are required to go to one of Irancell authorized dealers and/or service centers for Change of Ownership.
  • Irancell numbers with 0902, 0903 and 0933 prefixes are added into this system by Irancell.

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