Objectives Met


  • Materializing the objectives of the 3rd and 4th Development Plans of I.R. of Iran;
  • Materializing industry privatization and creating a safe opportunity for further foreign investments;
  • Contributing to materializing the state and parliament policies related to stabilization and reduction of the prices;
  • Increasing the mobile phone penetration rate and going beyond the projected penetration rates
  • Bringing innovation, dynamism and freshness to the mobile market of Iran;
  • Being involved directly and indirectly in creating 33,000 job opportunities nationwide;
  • Contributing to minimizing the government involvement while increasing its revenue
  • Bringing some US$1.2 billion foreign investment to date;
  • Contributing to materializing the e-Government as well as reducing the commutes and saving energy;
  • Launching 3G network on 27 May 2014 commercially upon obtaining the related license from Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA);
  • Providing 4G services for the first time in Iran soon after the commercial launch of 3G services;
  • Expanding 3G network coverage to all 31 provinces nationwide, far beyond the 3G License commitments;
  • Expanding 4G network coverage to all 31 provinces nationwide, far beyond the 4G License commitments;
  • High-paced mobile data transfer and providing the highest speed of MBB in Iran
  • Presenting various expanded services in different parts of Digital Life including MMS Contents Cultural Portal, Applications Portal, Games Portal, m-Health, m-Learning, e-Book Reader (Ketabkhan), mobile Voice/Video as well as Cost Management with Irancell Combo Packages Service and "Dynamic Combo Package".
  • Providing flexible tariffs to tailor to the customers' needs, removing the mobility charge and providing airtime with no expiry;
  • Developing the first portal for providing the mobile contents which was the first m-Commerce experience in Iran;
  • Offering data SIM, a unique product for professional data and telemetry users;
  • Developing a communication platform for organizations, companies and other users through removing the time, place and equipment obstacles;
  • Having the biggest 24/7 Call Center in the Middle East and the regional call centers answering the callers in their local dialect;
  • Promoting cooperation with the banks to develop mobile banking services;
  • Providing multimedia services and mobile Internet as data-based services;
  • Creating an advanced, quick and flexible billing system to support the call and data services provided at different tariffs;
  • Establishing international roaming for the prepaid SIM Cards and enabling international data roaming;
  • Selling SIM Cards and recharge cards using electronic options, in cooperation with the banks;
  • Providing a system which allows on-line airtime purchase overseas, point to point service, direct top-up and e-charge.

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