Data SIM.

Data SIM Cards

.Irancell offers prepaid and postpaid Data SIM Cards which are specifically programmed for text messaging and data use.

If you’re a sms or data users, data sim cards are ideal for you. Data SIM Cards are specifically programmed for text messaging, MMS and data use.


Buy your data SIM from:

  • All the terms and conditions on Irancell Prepaid SIM cards are applicable to Prepaid Data SIM cards as well (except for the tariff migration section).
  • No voice calls or tariff migration is possible on Data SIM cards.
Data SIM Type SIM Price
Initial Airtime
(VAT Exclusive)
Final Price
Prepaid 4.000 1.000 5.000

Data usage and outgoing SMS tariffs are 33% lower than MTN Irancell postpaid and prepaid SIM cards.

Service Cost
English & Farsi SMS to mobile lines (Prepaid) 11 tomans
English & Farsi SMS to mobile lines (Postpaid) 11 Tomans
English & Farsi SMS to land lines (Prepaid) 12 tomans
International SMS 200 Tomans
MMS 19.9 Tomans
Mobile Internet (Prepaid) 0.06 Tomans/Kb
Mobile Internet (Postpaid) 0.04 Tomans/Kb

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