Postpaid (iSIM).

Postpaid (iSIM)

.Talk now, pay later! For a low monthly fee you can enjoy all the advantages of using your mobile phone and pay for your calls, SMSs and data at the end of each month.

If you prefer to go ahead and use data, make calls and send SMSs and pay for all at the end of the month, iSIM is the best plan for you.

You’ll then receive a bimonthly bill which can include an itemized bill too as per your request. The bill will be emailed to you and you’ll have 28 days as of the issuance day to pay it.

All you postpaid subscribers can pay your bill before the 9th day of the month your bill was issued in, to enjoy one day free on-net call and 1GB free internet to be used on the same day.
  • As there are various payment methods and therefore different account settlement times, please dial *555*1*2# to make sure you don’t have any amounts outstanding before the mentioned date and you are eligible for one day free call and internet. Obviously, if the payment is not completed before the mentioned date, the gifts cannot be allocated to you.
How to buy and use

You can choose either of the following methods to buy a postpaid SIM card:

33.3 Tomans per minute (calculated based on the per second tariff) is our postpaid rate for ALL calls made to other operators’ lines or fixed lines, nation-wide. The rate of this tariff is even lower than the one for calls made between land lines or other mobile lines.

Calls, SMSs, MMSs and data charges for postpaid SIM cards are detailed below:

Service Type Cost
On-net Calls (calls to other Irancell numbers)

0.555 Tomans/Sec

(33.3 Tomans/min)
Off-net calls (calls to other operators)

0.555 Tomans/Sec

(33.3 Tomans/min)
SMS to mobile lines (Persian) 8.9 Tomans
SMS to mobile lines (English) 16 Tomans
SMS to land line (Persian or English) 12 Tomans
International SMS (all countries) 200 Tomans
MMS 19.9 Tomans
Mobile Internet (all hours) 0.04 Tomans/Kb

  • Mobile Internet data is measured in Kilobytes. There are just 1024 bytes in one Kilobyte (KB) and 1024 Kilobytes in one Megabyte (MB).
  • You can calculate how much you are spending by multiplying the number of KB you send and receive by the relevant Mobile Internet tariff. Each byte is calculated and for tariffing purposes is rounded up to the next KB.
  • Only the usage from standard Access Point Names is indicated. Premium rated APN’s are not available yet.
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