Gift sms.

Gift SMS

.All prepaid subscribers can use this service to gift their friends with a free SMS!

To send this gift, all you need to do is enter 705 before your desired number; for instance: 705093********. This way, the receiver can get your SMS and use the free SMS to respond to you within the set time.


To add, delete or view the black listed numbers, you can use the following information:

Black list
Adding a number Send the mobile number to 7053
Deleting a number Send the mobile number to 7054
Viewing the numbers Send Q to 7055

  • If you don’t want to receive gift SMSs from a certain number you can easily add the number to your black list.
  • You can change/set your name as the SMS sender, by sending the desired name to 7052.
  • When roaming, the rates of sending gift SMSs or adding numbers to the black list will comply with the roaming charges.