CPE Types
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Irancell WiMAX Portable CPE
To get one step closer to our goal of providing you with the state-of-the-art services and products, we are proud to offer you a product that will keep you connected to high speed wireless internet even outside of your home or office. WiMAX Portable CPE is designed for you who will need to have your ideal internet connection "everywhere you go"! You can use our Portable CPE even when you're travelling and in various parts of the cities covered by Irancell WiMAX. Please note that to use the Portable CPE on your PC, it needs to be Wi-Fi compatible.
Why Portable CPE?
Just to name a few, the following features can be considered as the reasons of making the Portable CPE your better choice:
 Absolutely easy to carry around
 Works without a booster antenna
 Can be charged using USB and adaptors
 Excellent signaling compared with similar CPEs
 Connects more than one device using Wi-Fi (notebooks, cell phones, tablets, etc.)
Irancell WiMAX USB Dongle...
A whole New Experience for Internet Lovers!

Irancell WiMAX USB Dongle is a small-sized WiMAX modem that can be attached to the user’s PC through a USB port and enables him to access high-speed wireless internet at their desired location.
The dongle comes with a Docking Station (Cradle) which improves the signal reception, offering better WiMAX antenna gain. In order to enjoy a better signal quality, Irancell recommends that you use the Cradle with the USB dongle.

Please note that the Cradle functions through a USB port and there is no need to plug it into a power outlet.


The Wi-Fi CPE receives the high-speed internet signals via WiMAX technology and provides wireless access for the users. With this CPE, users who are mobile within their home or office, can access the internet, using their laptops or any other Wi-Fi compatible device, without a need to use any cables.The CPE is also equipped with RJ45 port and those using PCs will be able to use a cable to be connected to the CPE and enjoy the high speed internet through Irancell WiMAX.

WIXFMM-130 and WIXFBR-105 CPEs are similar.

The Outdoor CPE, with its strong signal reception, is recommended for places with poor frequency as a result of dense constructions or other technical reasons.


The WiMAX subscribers who are interested in using a router, may choose any of the following models, as they are most compatible with Irancell WiMAX CPE’s:
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