“Jooya”; Info Finder Application

"Irancell Info finder" will allow you to quickly search for the closest Irancell Dealer Shop or other places like restaurants, banks, hospitals and gas stations and receive their addressed and even locations on the map. Using this service, the address and location of the closest restaurants, banks, hospitals and gas stations in Tehran and Irancell Dealer Shops around the country will be available for the subscribers. However, the location details of all the cinemas and other service centers in Iran will be added to the list soon.

To use this service choose one of the below:

Jooya Application

Irancell Info Finder, Jooya, will allow you to simply search for the location of nearby service centers, restaurants, hospitals, mosques, gas stations and parking lots and receive their addresses as well.

All you need to do is to have GPS activated on your handset or tablet and get connected to the Internet. When you start searching for a place you wish to find, the application shows the location of the places in your proximity on the map. Then you can see the address just by clicking on the shown places.

If the GPS is not activated, first you should specify your location on the map and then start searching for the intended place.

Please note that downloading Jooya is free, and at present it is only available for Android. the only valid resource where you can download Jooya is Irancell website.

Dialing *898*8#

Also To use this service, you can dial *898*8# to register in Irancell Friend Finder Service for Free. You can then dial the same code (*898*8#) to use the service. Receiving the addresses via SMS and the maps via MMS would cost 500 Rials and 750 Rials respectively.

Please note that to use Irancell’s Info-finder, you will first need to do the free registration for the Friend Finder Service.

Business owners may also be able to use our Nama portal to register their business and administrative contact points to be introduced to the subscribers interested to use the services. Therefore, they can both advertise and promote their products and inform other Irancell subscribers using this service, of the special offers or discounts easily at the same time.

Moreover, on the occasion of the Holy Month of Ramadan, all Irancell subscribers may add their nearby mosques’ details such as address, location, special programs, etc. to the Info-finder data base. To do this, you only need to refer to Nama portal and after logging in, choose one of the two options of “Standard” and “Premium” and then add your data.

Please note that adding the data using the standard and premium options cost IRR 100.000 and IRR 200.000 respectively and the locations registered with the premium option will be shown on top of the list when searched for. After making the payment, your registered location will be listed for a year. If you would like to extend it beyond one year, please refer to the Nama portal.

* If any incorrect information or inappropriate words are used when registering a commercial/ business spot, and the details are not confirmed by Irancell because of failing to adhere to the required terms and conditions, your request will be canceled. In this case, 50% of the charges will be returned to you. Therefore, please make sure you are entering correct and proper information.

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