24 hour internet access from your mobile, thanks to GPRS  


Get access to the worldwide web while on the move useing MTN Irancell GPRS network. GPRS stands for General Packet Radio Service, which means you're  online  anytime, instantly anywhere, with access to virtually any web application. You can connect through your laptop, your Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) or the built- in WAP browser on your mobile. It's constant access to a shared digital world.
How Do I Get Connected?

First, make sure that your handset supports GPRS. Visit here to check. GPRS settings will be the automatically sent to your mobile in an SMS. All you need to do is to open and save it. If you have not received or saved the set-up SMS, please send a SMS to 222 with the word  (GPRS)  typed in it. (This instruction is available from the 10th of  Esfand). If you are using a PCMCIA Card and would like to configure the dial up connection please use the following: 




Connection Name






Home Page

WAP 1.0 Proxy

9201 Port
CO-WSP Service

WAP 2.0 Proxy

8080 Port
HTTP Service
WAP 1.0 Proxy: handsets which are WAP 1.0 to connect to internet and do not support WAP 2.0

WAP 2.0 Proxy: handsets which are WAP 2.0 to connect to internet and do not support WAP 1.0

GPRS is available to all MTNIrancell subscribers who have GPRS enabled mobiles, whether they are using our prepaid or postpaid service.

Browse the Web

After your handset is configured and you see the GPRS network sign (e.g. a G sign or a triangle near the antenna bar), you can go to your handset WAP/Web browser and surf the world wide web by entering the URL. The browser function is usually shown by an earth icon in most handset models.
GPRS and your PDA

The world is now in the palm of your hand. Use your PDA to access e-mail and surf the web. Once you're connected you're hooked up to a world of endless mobile information.

PDAs are now so popular that many websites offer specially designed pages that fit neatly onto your screen. Even if your favorite site doesn't offer a PDA address it can still be viewed on-screen. You just might have to scroll to view the entire page.
Getting in touch with GPRS

So what is GPRS? It stands for General Radio Packet Service, but to you it means a new approach to data and cellular communication.
Own the Internet

Get 24 hour access to the Internet on your GPRS enabled mobile.
Anywhere, anytime

Information at your finger tips. Literally. That's what it's all about. You're no longer bound by physical spaces like offices, desks and boardrooms. Don't sacrifice your life for your work; make doing business a part of your life.
Always Online

You're permanently online, and only get charged for sending and receiving. So don't worry about connecting, the web's a click or two away. Once you are connected you're always online. Speed and ease The connection set-up is faster and you get a better user experience with regard to speed when surfing and downloading information. Text and page links always appear first- that means speedier navigation. You'll be amazed how much quicker WAP is with a GPRS connection.
Improved Rates

You only get charged for the data you send and download. That's it. You're not getting charged for the whole world wide web. You're paying for information you access and send. That's fair. Only pay for what you use.
GPRS Tariffs

Data is measured in bytes.There are just 1024 bytes in one Kilobyte (KB) and 1024 Kilobytes in one Megabyte (MB).You can work out how much you're spending by tallying the number of bytes you send and receive.
Please remember that your data usage will only include information sent or received by your mobile, PDA or laptop.

For GPRS Tariff, please
click here.
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