Saturday, October 05, 2013 Data SIM Cards
For the first time in Iran!

For the first time in Iran, Irancell offers prepaid and postpaid Data SIM Cards which are specifically programmed for text messaging and data use. It is Important to stress that NO Voice calls can be made or received on a Data SIM.

These SIM cards are the best choice for those who:

  • Use SMS a lot
  • Use bulk messaging
  • Use mobile internet service facilities
  • Need to have contact with and/or monitor individuals/devices via SMS and Telemetry
Because of the low prices and costs, Data SIM cards are especially attractive to the teenagers and youth. 


  • You can recharge your Prepaid Data SIM using recharge cards and/ or via e-Charge.
  • No voice calls or tariff migration is possible on Data SIM cards.
  • All the terms and conditions on Irancell Prepaid SIM cards are applicable to Prepaid Data SIM cards as well (except for the tariff migration section).

Data SIM Type SIM Price (Tomans)
Initial Airtime
 (VAT Exclusive)
Final Price (Tomans)
Prepaid 3.000 1.000
Postpaid 20.000 30.000

  • Important notice about limitation on the number of SIM cards owned by an individual
    1. Please note that according to the instructions of Communications Regulatory Authority, only 10 SIM cards can be registered under a single National ID. In other words, no individual will be allowed to register more than 10 SIM Cards using one National ID.

700 (from Irancell lines)
09377000000 (from any other lines)
707 (from Irancell lines)
9377070000 (from any other lines)