Step 3
Make It Come True!

After you have selected your desired Tariff Plan and your CPE type, you need to register for the service.

With Irancell, easy registration is no more a farfetched dream. Irancell wants you to relax at home and just wait a couple of days to get connected to the world. Registering to our service is made available to you through 2 different methods:

- You can register online.
For Online Registration Click Here

- The other option would be referring to anAuthorized WiMAX Dealer and register for our WiMAX services. You need to help the dealer in completing the pre-registration form. Once we receive the completed information, we will process the data and proceed to the next stage.
In order to register, you need to provide us with information on your particulars (name, ID number, date of birth, etc.), your address (so that our agents and technicians can visit, in order to help you sign the contract and install your device), contact details (phone number, cell number…), your desired tariff plan (the speed you want and the volume you intend to choose) and your selected CPE type.

During registration, we have developed a calculator which shows you the amount of payment, based on the options you choose. The items include; Payment Method (prepaid or postpaid), Tariff Plan, Additional Bolt-Ons and also CPE type. Feel free to browse among all the available options and choose the package that is most compatible with your needs and budget.

Click here to view the terms and conditions of "Master Subscriber Agreement for WiMAX Services".

>> Register Here!  

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