For those institutions and organizations with various branches which are reluctant to use internet for data transfer due to data security issues, Irancell has introduced its WiMAX Virtual Private Network solution which is the only proper option for secure data transfer via a private channel.

VPN advantages:

•         Increasing the communications security through creating a private channel
•         Best choice for companies with geographical diversity
•         Without a need for cable infrastructure
•         Enabled to connect with the company’s central network for employees working off site
•         Without a need to use internet for data transfer

To name a few of our current VPN customers:

To request for our VPN service, please email the following information to wimaxsales@mtnirancell.ir.

Company’s information and documents:

• Copy of the official gazette
• Copy of utility bills
• Formal letter requesting the service (with stamp and letterhead)
• Address and 10-digit postal code of the location to install the service
• Registration number
• National ID
• Economic code and number
• Telephone
• Fax 

Company representative’s information and documents:

• Full name
• Father’s name
• Nation ID number
• Date of birth
• Copy of letter of introduction from the company (with stamp and letterhead)
• Email address
• Mobile number
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  • Set As Home Page
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Sender name :  
ایمیل ارسال کننده:
نام دریافت کننده :
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موضوع ایمیل :
کد تصویری :
700 (from Irancell lines)
09377000000 (from any other lines)
707 (from Irancell lines)
9377070000 (from any other lines)