Irancell Wimax
With its young population and a developing industry, Iran is one of the developing countries where planning for moving toward multilateral development of broad band telecommunications seems as an essential issue due to the importance of communications in development.

Tender documents and approval of the same in Communications Regulatory Commission, In summer 2007, CRA announced that it was doing the initial studies for issuance of WiMAX License in Iran. After the initial studies, drafting the body of the License, preparing the performing the legal procedure for holding the tender and granting the License were put on the agenda. Finally, upon finalization of the body of the License, CRA officially called for purchasing the tender documents on 28 June 2008. Presently, upon holding the tender, the Service Providers were recognized nationwide and the Operation License was issued for them.

Irancell Telecommunications Services Company won this tender and received the License on 28 February 2009 in line with developing the market share and expanding the products and services.
Irancell has already provided the services in most of the cities of the following provinces: Alborz, East Azerbaijan, Fars, Isfahan, Khorasan Razavi, Khouzestan and Tehran

VoIP services would be provided to home and business users as well in the next phase.It is worth  mentioning that Irancell is capable of providing WiMAX services under “d” and “e” standards while only “d” standard (i.e. fixed WiMAX) is currently provided to customers by Irancell. Fixed standard requires immobility of Modem during the send and receive process.

Irancell WiMAX Subscription Advantages:

Advantages and benefits of Irancell WiMAX service include:

-    Satisfactory network coverage in most of the cities of the following provinces: Alborz, East Azerbaijan, Fars, Isfahan, Khorasan Razavi, Khouzestan and Tehran

-    Bandwidth range of 128 Kbps to 2 Mbps based on the customer demand.

-    Easy registration.

-    Various methods for supplying WiMAX Modem.

-    CPE installation and operation support.

-    Diversity in payment methods.

-    Multiple users Availability without throughput deterioration and need to divide bandwidth.

-    Availability of using several CPEs for one Account and integrated payment.

-    Refund of purchase price in case of subscriber’s dissatisfaction.

-     High secure network and non-interference of waves.

-     Integration of CPE, radio transceiver in a very small and portable device.

-    Creating the necessary infrastructures to expand data transfer network for connecting thousands of POSs and ATMs.

-    Developing e-business capacity.

-    No need for cabling and phone lines.

-    Low costs of development and maintenance.

WiMAX Payment Methods:

1. Internet Payment
Enter e-Care and click on "Payments", then choose "eBill / internet payment".

2. Irancell Recharge Cards
Enter e-Care and click on "Payments", then choose "Recharge".
3. Loading Irancell Recharge Cards using Irancell SIM Cards
Please note that this service is only available to those WiMAX subscribers who have entered an Irancell number when filling in the "Cell  Number" field in the registration form; therefore, to be able to use this service, the subscribers who have NOT entered an Irancell number may refer to their WiMAX profiles, under Customer Service in e-Care and click on Change Profile to change their cell number to an Irancell line.
4. Referring to Banks
Bank Mellat / account number: 444440/96; or
Bank Tejarat / account number: 210447
Remember to have your "Payment Reference Number" with you when referring to the banks.

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