Irancell Vitrin

One Free RBT for Each Purchase Made from Irancell Vitrin

Irancell’s “Multi Media Portal” (VitrinTM) is the first network to deliver electronic contents through mobile phone in Iran.

With Irancell VitrinTM, mobile is not only a means of calling or sending messages anymore, it can also be used in new fields such as entertainment, IT and commercials. Irancell subscribers can receive a list of the 10 Most Popular VitrinTM Contents via SMS by sending a blank SMS to 8440.

Using this service will only cost you as much as sending an SMS (based on the subscriber’s active promotional plan).

Irancell VitrinTM Services

Services provided through Irancell Vitrin include:

  1. Multimedia Services (MMS): You will have access to the new and very interesting VitrinTM contents through MMS and GPRS. Vitrin contents include:
    Video clips, games and special mobile software as well as ring tones, wallpapers, themes and other mobile related contents.

  2. Text-based Services: These services are sent to you via SMS and include:

      • Requested SMS’s: SMS’s sent to you based on your requests
        Educational SMS’s: Such as English expressions and proverbs, etc.
        Entertaining SMS’s: Such as jokes, quotes, etc.
        Informative SMS’s: Such as weather forecast, IRIB program list, foreign exchange rates, etc.
        Religious SMS’s: Such as Nahj al-Balaghah, narrations, prayer times, etc.

      • Registered SMS’s: This service includes a set of SMS’s sent to the subscribers on a predetermined time or immediately after an event has occurred. For instance by choosing the ‘Today’s Poem’ option, you will receive a beautiful Persian poem for a week on a daily basis via SMS or by choosing the ‘Premier League Goals’ option, you can be informed of the results of the ongoing matches.

  3. Web SMS: Irancell subscribers can use this service to send SMS to other Irancell subscribers or all other mobile phone users in Iran or around the world via Internet, without any need to use their mobile phones.
    Note: For sending bulk SMS (to more than 100 subscribers), you are requested to send the particulars of your company along with your request to Irancell.

  4. Web MMS: Irancell subscribers can use this service to send MMS without any need to use their handsets. You only need to go to Irancell VitrinTM, choose “Web MMS” under “Sending the Message” menu and send MMS to an Irancell subscriber who has saved MMS configurations on his/her handset. This way, you can enjoy the special multimedia services including “MMS Album” and “Address Book”.
  5. Multimedia Contest: You can select the Multimedia Contest menu to view the conditions of each contest. To enter the contest, send your pictures, video clips and audio files. Those who obtain the highest scores will be given a prize at the end of each contest.

    * Only GPRS compatible handsets are capable of receiving VitrinTM contents. GPRS and MMS configurations should be saved on the handset.

    * The prices of Irancell VitrinTM contents are set to be cost-effective and economic so that all subscribers can enjoy this service and have easy access to information and entertainment items. The charge of using VitrinTM contents will be deducted from prepaid subscribers’ airtime or added to postpaid subscribers’ bills.

    * For further information on VitrinTM and how to use it go to Irancell’s VitrinTM portal or refer to one of Vitrin brochures or the special announcements for this service.

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