Postpaid (iSIM)

Talk now, pay later!

For a low monthly fee you can enjoy all the advantages of using your mobile phone and paying for calls at the end of each month. This tariff plan requires you to pay a monthly subscription and your calls are billed separately. While on the postpaid plan, your calls will be billed at the rates stated on the tariff sheets which are available in stores or by clicking here.

Just for you

As a Postpaid customer you will receive a bimonthly bill (sent to your email address) which may include an itemized bill as well (if requested by you). The bill will be due for payment within 28 days as of the date stated thereon.

IMPORTANT:  Please view all 
terms and conditions related to the use of your MTN Irancell service. By use of this SIM Card you shall be deemed to have read and accepted the applicable terms and conditions of use of the SIM Card.

Payment Methods for MTN Irancell Postpaid Subscribers

You can pay your bills using the following methods:

2. Internet Payment via:

- Irancell website
- Bank Mellat Website
- Melli and Sarmaye Bank Websites
- Maskan Bank Website

0902 prefix for those who want to stand out!

You can easily refer to and choose your desired number from among millions and pay the charges using any bank cards member of the SHETAB system. Your SIM card will then be delivered to the address you provided, free of charge. When receiving your SIM card, you need to provide the copy of your ID card. You may dial 021-33993718 to follow up your SIM card status from the Post.

Companies and organizations can refer to to choose and buy up to 10 SIM cards. Postpaid (iSIM) bulk purchase is also available through the following methods:

  • Sending an email to;
  • Sending a fax to 021-23196030;
  • Sending 902 to 7001 from Irancell lines; or
  • Calling 714 from Irancell lines or 0937714000 from any other lines.
  • Please be informed that iSIM bulk purchase is only available in 09028****** range.

Postpaid (iSIM) special features:

  • 900; the exclusive call center
  • Initial IRR 500.000 credit limit (increasable)
  • Official ownership card
  • High speed EDGE nation-wide
  • Expanded calls and data roaming
  • Call details’ bimonthly bill
  • Standard network and calls quality
  • Up-to-date and diverse Value Added Services
  • Expanded sale and after sale services

Enjoy access to these MTN Irancell Services

Itemized billing
Your itemized monthly bill shows the numbers called, call durations and call costs.

MTN Irancell Customer Services
A help and advice line that gives you immediate access to the MTN Irancell Customer Service team: just dial 700.

Text messaging: Short Message Service (SMS)
Also known as SMS (Short Message Service), this allows you to send and receive text messages to and from other mobile users. Send text messages of up to 160 characters in English or 70 characters in Farsi.
To send the SMS ensure that the message center number is correct. The message center number is +989350001400.
Call Forwarding
Forward your calls to any other number other than your mobile number.

Conference Calling
Allows you to talk to up to five other people all at the same time. This is irrespective of where they are located, providing we have coverage in the area.

Caller Line Identity Presentation (CLIP):
This allows you to identify who is calling you before you answer.

Call Barring
This allows you to stop incoming or outgoing calls, at your convenience.

Changing the SIM card

Should your iSIM be damaged, lost or robbed, you can activate your number on a new SIM Card. You only need to refer to one of Irancell’s service centers and buy a Welcome Back Pack to follow the SIM change procedure. You can also call the exclusive call center (900) to temporarily block your iSIM and then refer to the service centers within 7 days to collect your new iSIM. This way you can prevent any probable misuse.

Note:  To change your SIM card, you need to provide your valid identification documents as well as the former iSIM’s ownership card and SIM holder. If you don’t have your SIM holder, contact 900 or refer to a service center.

Important numbers

IVR and customer service 900
Account status *130*1*1#
Credit limit *130*1*4#
Please call me *150*mobile number#
Bill payment using recharge cards *130*PIN#
Bill payment using IVR 021-8734
Voice Mail 710
RBT 777

Note: Calling the emergency 110 number is free of charge.

Disconnection Rules

If you don't pay the bill within 28 days of the due date, your mobile number will be soft-suspended for 57 days and it will only be possible to receive calls/SMS’. If the bill is still not paid for another 57 day period, your line will be hard-suspended. After this period, it will not be possible to make or receive calls/SMS‘. If you remain hard-suspended for 51 days, your mobile number along with your account will be deleted from network.

For more information call Customer Care on 700 from your MTN Irancell line. A once off fee is charged for this call at  MTN Irancell to MTN Irancell one minute call rates. Alternatively dial 09377000000 from any other line. Calls charged at rates determined by other operators.

If you have used up your credit prior to the end of a bill run, in order to prevent soft suspension of your line, you can:  (1) Settle off part of your debt so that the debt will be reduced to less than the credit limit; and/or (2) Pay deposit to Irancell to increase your credit.  In such case, you can use the network services up to the credit limit.

SIM Card Suspension in case of Failure to Pay the Bill

Failure to make payment on or before the due date will result in services being soft-suspended.  If your account is soft suspended, you will be able to receive calls and SMS but will not be able to make calls or send SMS.

After 57 days of being soft suspended, your account shall automatically be hard suspended. Hard suspended accounts will not be able to receive or make calls and SMS.

If the subscriber's mobile number is hard suspended for 140 days from the invoice date and the subscriber does not settle its account, then their line would be terminated in MTNIrancell network. Any rights of the subscriber to the utilization of the mobile number allocated to such account will be waived.

You will receive your bill every two months. This bill would be sent to the medium that you have specified on the registration form (post, email, e-care). In case you do not receive your bill in any given month, please contact MTNIrancell by calling the numbers provided below or by visiting any of our Service Centers.

  • Important notice about limitation on the number of SIM cards owned by an individual
    1. Please note that according to the instructions of Communications Regulatory Authority, only 10 SIM cards can be registered under a single National ID. In other words, no individual will be allowed to register more than 10 SIM Cards using one National ID.
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