iSIM Postpaid SIM Card

Irancell is once again offering a brand new product aligned with the world’s latest technologies! iSIM postpaid SIM cards with the special 0902 prefix are offered to those who seek prominence. These SIM cards which are made available at the price of IRR 1.200.000, include IRR 500.000 initial credit limit* and have an official ownership card.

* “Credit limit” is the amount of money credited into all postpaid subscribers’ accounts by default. Therefore, the subscribers can use the mobile services up to this limit without needing to make any payments.

You can easily refer to and choose your desired number from among millions and pay the charges using any bank cards member of the SHETAB system. Your SIM card will then be delivered to the address you provided, free of charge. When receiving your SIM card, you need to provide the copy of your ID card.

Note: You may dial 021-33993718 to follow up your SIM card status from the Post.

As an iSIM postpaid subscriber, you will receive a bill on a bimonthly basis together with your call details. All charges are mentioned in detail based on the relevant tariff plan of your iSIM. A summary of your bill will also be sent to you via email and SMS. iSIM subscribers can make calls using flat tariff.

An amount of IRR 500.000 is included in all iSIM users’ accounts as the “credit limit” by default. So the subscriber can use all services up to this credit limit without any charges. If you needed more credit, you can set your desired credit limit when buying the iSIM and pay the charges online. To increase your credit limit, you can also call 900 to contact your iSIM’s exclusive Call Center or refer to e-Care to log your request.

Use the following USSD codes for information about your iSIM:

Check account status *130*1*1#
Check credit limit *130*1*4#

i700; the special iSIM bolt-on

Irancell iSIM subscribers may choose the “i700” bolt-on considering their usage pattern (calls, GPRS, SMS) and reduce their costs to more than 30%!

Validity GPRS (MB) Number of Farsi/ English SMSs Calls (Minutes) Cost (IRR)
2 months 700 700 700 400.000

Note: IRR 400.000 as the cost of the bolt-on will be added to your bill.

900; the exclusive call center

One of the most important features of iSIM is the exclusive call center available to all iSIM subscribers 24/7. You can dial 900 at any time to ask your questions from our experts. This exclusive call center number is aiming at a more accelerated response process.

It is also worth mentioning that iSIM subscribers will have access to the most expanded international roaming network allowing them to use their iSIM services when travelling abroad.

Currently, iSIM can only be purchased through and you can pay the charges in Irancell website and using your bank cards. The SIM card will be delivered to any address you wish, free of charge

iSIM special features:

  • 900; the exclusive call center
  • Initial IRR 500.000 credit limit (increasable)
  • Official ownership card
  • High speed EDGE nation-wide
  • Expanded calls and data roaming
  • Call details’ bimonthly bill
  • Standard network and calls quality
  • Up-to-date and diverse Value Added Services
  • Expanded sale and after sale services

Companies and organizations can refer to to choose and buy up to 10 SIM cards. iSIM Bulk purchase is also available through the following methods:

  • Sending an email to;
  • Sending a fax to 021-23196030;
  • Sending 902 to 7001 from Irancell lines; or
  • Calling 714 from Irancell lines or 0937714000 from any other lines.
  • Please be informed that iSIM bulk purchase is only available in 09028****** range.

Bill payment methods

You can choose any of the following methods to pay your bills:

1. Internet payment via
2. My Irancell application
3. ATM
4. e-Charge (by referring to Irancell authorized dealers)
5. Recharge cards (by dialing *130*PIN#)
6. e-Care
7. Bank Melli, Bank Mellat and Bank Tejarat (all other banks will be added soon)
8. P2P

Any Irancell prepaid subscriber can pay the postpaid subscribers’ bills using the P2P service; the charges will be deducted from the prepaid subscriber’s account.

Changing the iSIM

Should your iSIM be damaged, lost or robbed, you can activate your number on a new SIM Card. You only need to refer to one of Irancell’s service centers and buy a Welcome Back Pack to follow the SIM change procedure.

You can also call the exclusive call center (900) to temporarily block your iSIM and then refer to the service centers within 7 days to collect your new iSIM. This way you can prevent any probable misuse.


Note: To change your SIM card, you need to provide your valid identification documents as well as the former iSIM’s ownership card and SIM holder. If you don’t have your SIM holder, contact 900 or refer to a service center.

Tariff plans

A tariff plan is what you pay your SIM charges according to, based on the usage time and type. During Irancell promotions, a various set of tariffs will be made available to you, each with a special feature and benefit. You can choose your desired tariff plan according to your usage type and amount and manage your charges.

Currently, the silver tariff plan is activated for all iSIM subscribers by default and free of subscription fee.

For information on your active tariff plan, dial *130*1*2# from your Irancell SIM.

To choose/change your tariff plan, dial *130*7# and choose from the displayed menu.

You can also be informed of your current tariff plan by:

  • Calling 900 and following the instructions
  • Referring to Irancell service centers
  • Using e-Care
  • Using MyIrancell application

Important numbers

IVR and customer service 900
Account status *130*1*1#
Credit limit *130*1*4#
Please call me *150*mobile number#
Bill payment using recharge cards *130*PIN#
Bill payment using IVR 021-8734
Voice Mail 710
RBT 777

Note: Calling the emergency 110 number is free of charge.
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